The List Manager | NEAREST BREWERY

The List Manager

Today on Nearest Brewery we have launched some great new functionality in being a List Manager.

The List Manager | NEAREST BREWERY

With the Nearest Brewery List Manager, you can create and save lists of breweries and/or events. For example, “Must visit breweries“, “Bucks brewery tours to visit” or “Summer Events with Craft Ale“.

The List Manager | NEAREST BREWERY

Create as many lists as you want, customize the list title, description, and set it to be public or private. Any site visitor can browse lists set as public. Private lists remain hidden, however, they can still be shared with friends via a unique URL.

Bucket Lists, Bookmarks, Collections, Itineraries

Our Nearest Brewery list manager allows the creation and sharing of bucket lists, bookmarks, collections, itineraries and so on. The uses are endless even breweries themselves can get together to create a regional taproom tour.

Need ideas? All too often small craft or artisan breweries are hidden away on quiet country lanes and our List Manager is a great way to share with friends and our community, and get some much-needed inspiration.

If you are like me and sit back at the end of another year and think “I was going to ..” but you didn’t then you don’t have to share with community, just create your private bucket list and start ticking them off.

We are always looking for ways to improve the way people can discover and interact with breweries and associated events. If you have any ideas then drop us a message on facebook or twitter.

Enjoy and start saving!