Our Listings & Events are Now Free!

I am very excited to announce our decision to make all Brewery and Event listings free. That’s right starting from this month, our premium Brewery listings (valued previously at £125) and event listings (valued at £25) will be available, with no strings attached!

Nearest Brewery is not run by a company but by just one person, with the idea to join small independent breweries with beer drinkers who want that brewery community experience.

With the current health crisis hitting the hospitality business, we have seen many small breweries adapting and filling a gap the larger breweries can’t achieve.

I also can’t see how breweries can spend on the luxuries of advertising etc and so this is why I have switched to a free listing model but then asking for donations where people can afford and have found the service or information useful.

Nearest Brewery is not about making loads and loads of money but is a personal hobby that would be good to pay for itself with a few £’s leftover for the odd beer as a reward for the effort put in.

I am very excited about this opportunity to serve our community and possibly build something useful.

If you have any feedback regarding this announcement, please let us know!