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Long Live The Local

Long Live The Local is a campaign to save the Great British pub. It celebrates the vital role pubs play in our communities, culture and the economy and highlights the jeopardy they face.

Check out the video below for a story of The Horns Lodge Inn and this shows the impact closures are having across the UK.

With a combination of beer duty, business rates and VAT, our pubs are under increasing financial pressure. £1 in every £3 spent in a pub goes to the taxman.

The UK has one of the highest Beer Duty rates in Europe at 54 pence on a 5% ABV pint of beer. This is about eleven times higher than in Germany (4.8p) and Spain (5.1p)! It is even set to rise again in the Autumn, so we’re asking beer lovers across the country to sign a petition and write to their MP to tell the government we want a cut in Beer Duty, not a rise later this year.

In the last three years, more than 3,000 pubs have closed and this equates to three pubs closing every day. We can’t stand by see this continue and must do something to help keep our local pubs open and thriving.

You can support the campaign by clicking this link and signing the petition.