How to create a list

With the Nearest Brewery List Manager, you can create and save your own special lists of breweries and/or events. For example, “Must try brewery tours“, “Breweries to visit in Essex” or “Summer Events“.

Create as many lists as you want, customize the list title, description, and set it to be public or private. Any visitor can browse lists set as public. Private lists remain hidden, however, they can still be shared with friends via a unique URL.

To create a list you will first need to register with Nearest Brewery.

How to create a list | NEAREST BREWERY

The save to your list button is available on each page. When you click the button you shown your current lists or you can create a new list.

How to create a list | NEAREST BREWERY

To create a new list click Save to a New List button and you will be asked to give it a name and then to make it either Public or Non-Public.

How to create a list | NEAREST BREWERY

Public lists are available for every visitor to see whilst non-public are just for yourself although you can still share the page link to whomever you want.

How to create a list | NEAREST BREWERY

To view your lists click Lists in the top menu bar, if you are not logged in you will see Public lists but if you are logged in then your own private lists will also be shown.

If you want to add a text description to your list you will need to first view your list and click the Edit List option where you can change the name and add a textual description.

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