How It Works – Put your brewery on the map

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Promote your company – as a microbrewery I guess you want to concentrate on what you do best, which is inventing and brewing new beers, but, you need all the means available to spread your brand.

Expand your visibility – we have created the NEAREST BREWERY to help spread the word and it exists to help Brewers connect with Beer Lovers. Think of it as a second website where we already have beer lovers wanting to visit.

We are not a review site – all our listings don’t offer a rating or comments systems as it is about joining breweries with beer drinkers. If people want to discuss individual breweries or beers then this can be done on our social channels.

Speak to beer lovers – they are waiting to hear from you, drop promotions on our social media channels or write a guest blog about your brewery, event or beer.

Are you a Brewery?

So, as a small craft or microbrewery you have your beers, a website and in a lot of cases, it is all to do with brand awareness. This is where Nearest Brewery can help as a platform to help with your marketing reach.

Promote your Brewery, your entry includes unlimited description, beer details, shop and tour information, multiple photos, video, location details, opening times and connection to your website and social networks. Nearest Brewery will track your social media and also promote you on our own social media channels.

Have a deal then why not offer something to our visitors or members on our member discounts page or social media channels. We can even write with you a featured article on your brewery or event.

All brewery listings also come with unlimited FREE event listings which can be ideal to advertise brewery open days, tours, festivals or product launches.

Do you have more than one location? No problem get all of the elements of a Single Business listing but also individual listings for your outlets. An outlet can be a brewery pub or shop.

Each outlet listing is linked to your main listing and can have unlimited description, photos, video and social networks.

Our brewery listings are FREE although we do hope if you like what you get you will opt to offer a small donation.

Are you an Event Organiser?

As well as Breweries we also have an event listing.

Every event you create is managed in your account. You can choose whether it recurs certain days during a week, once a week, once a month, however, you wish! All events are added to our event calendar so that people can find you by date!

We have a good record of search engine exposure, where the search engines list our events in their own event listings.

Examples could be real-ale and craft beer festivals, monthly brewery tours or new beer launch events.

Our event listings are FREE although we do hope if you like what you get you will opt to offer a small donation.

The Benefits

For many micro breweries building a brand and community is key. This is where Nearest Brewery can come in and help.

Increase Web Traffic

Listings have links to your website and social media accounts enabling Nearest Brewery visitors to find you and click through to your own sites. Not only does this provide you with traffic but it ensures the people coming are high value in that they are already interested in you and want more details.

Improve Online Visibility on Search Engines

In order for a website to rank high in a particular search engine, a key factor is the number of links redirected to that particular website, known as backlinks. Your listing provides links to your website and social media accounts improving your online authority, the higher your website ranks on search engines, the more likely people will click through to you.

Many organisations exist, like FATJOE, to provide outreach services specifically designed to increase authority and with your listing you get this benefit included.

Customers Knocking At Your Door

Nearest Brewery is not about a listing of generic businesses but a focused search tool enabling beer lovers to find breweries. This enables people using our website to look for and find new beers and breweries. This means many will not click through to your website but instead look to pay you a visit or connect via social media.

Final Thoughts

Along with expanding brand awareness, and exposing your brewery to a wider audience, Nearest Brewery provides promotion for your company. As part of your marketing and advertising campaigns, Nearest Brewery offer a powerful alternative to directly reach customers.