How can I claim my brewery?

You want to claim your brewery on Nearest Brewery and benefit from a new inbound channel. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes to register.

Claiming a brewery is only available to individuals who work at or on behalf of the brewery. Claims will be verified and any attempts to claim a brewery when the person does not meet these requirements will be rejected.

  • Verify your brewery is on the site and has not been claimed by searching for your brewery in the search box below or by clicking on our interactive map
  • To claim the listing you will first need to be a registered user and so will need to create an account. To assist in the process of registering with a brewery email address will speed-up the verification process.
  • Once you have an account then navigate to the brewery listing and click the “Claim Listing” link at the top right of the Our Location box.
  • Complete the form with your name and position in the business and select the subscription package before clicking send.
  • Your request will be validated once payment has been received although we take no money for the 14 day trial period and also offer a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.