At Nearest Brewery, we have a small favour to ask.

We all like things to be free but I need help with my running costs, relying on your generosity to keep it subscription free!

If Nearest Brewery has helped you, this is the best way you can say thank you.

Yes, a small donation would help me enormously to pay for the running costs of the site.

The website is being used by more and more people each month which means the cost to make this available is becoming larger all the time. The site is not run by a big corporation but one individual that loves what breweries give to the drinker.

I have tried to create some revenues through advertising and affiliate links but this is falling with the advent of Ad-blockers in browsers etc. I also don’t want to clutter the site with adverts making a bad experience for users.

As well as the cost the site takes time and hard work to ensure the content is useful, current and accurate.

If everyone who reads information on the site, who likes it, helps to support it, our ongoing future would be much more secure. For as little as £1, you can support Nearest Brewery – and it only takes a minute.


If you are a business then have a look at how you can list on our advertiser page.

Thank you.

Ian Barnes