The Nearest Brewery community brings together the small breweries with people that want to enjoy some excellent beers.

Get involved. You’ll be glad you did.


You don’t need to register to participate. Just browse the Nearest Brewery website to find new breweries and events to explore and beers to try.

If you like a brewery follow our facebook page and twitter account to see what’s happening, ask questions or leave your own comments. We would love to see photos of the beers, breweries or beer festivals you try.

Registering on the site is free and allows you to save your favourite places and we would hope more benefits like promotions and offers will be made available to registered members.


Are you a pub brewery, microbrewery, nano-brewery or artisan brewer then do you want to get more visibility and also have a voice to very focused people that want your products?

Then registering and adding your brewery is the best starting point. It may be you already see a minimal listing for your brewery and if this is the case once registered you can claim the listing and update it as you wish.

Social Media

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