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Christmas Beer Gift Ideas

We thought about some Christmas beer gift ideas for those that want some craft beer treats. We’ve brought together some great Christmas beer gift ideas for beer lovers!

Gift Boxes

Plenty of options in this category. Most local breweries offer selection boxes or mixed cases, online retailers have gift boxes or why not just get a selection of beers and wrap them yourself.

In most boxes, you will receive tasting notes and some will even provide an appropriate tasting glass for the beer types selected.

Some online retailers specialising in beer gift boxes include Beer Hawk, Beerwulf and Beer 52.

Advent Calendars

A great way to count down to Christmas is with 24 beers to try, these often sell out early due to a restricted production line and so make sure you get in early.

Advent Calendar providers include Beer Hawk, Beerwulf and Beer 52.

Beer Club Subscriptions

Beer Clubs slightly vary but the idea is you get a regular order of beer delivered to your door. Nearly all of them come with tasting notes for each of the beers. Although the idea is to be surprised and try new beers you can often restrict the type of beers, for example, specify no dark ales.

If you don’t want to commit you can just go for a single delivery of mixed beers as described above.

Providers that offer beer clubs include Beer Hawk, Beerwulf and Beer 52.


A lot of local breweries offer beer experiences from a brewery tour and tasting to being a brewer for a day and creating your own beer. Although these experiences are restricted at the moment, these do come in the form of gift vouchers to redeem when we are allowed back into breweries.

Check out our interactive beer map for a brewery close to you and give them a call.


Interested in craft beer then here are some book ideas:

Or just stock up yourself

You don’t have to buy it as a gift why not use Christmas to explore some areas of beers you would not usually try. Online retailers as listed above specialise in providing options that don’t exist in local supermarkets. Or just visit your local brewery shop!