Breweries in the UK

On Nearest Brewery, we are in the process of listing Breweries in the UK that are open to members of the public, whether that is a shop, taproom/bar or offers brewery tours.

The UK is known for its Real Ales with organisations like CAMRA been promoting real ale since 1971 and its Good Beer Guide in 2020 has some 1,850 real ale producing breweries listed and more than 7,500 beers.

This number of breweries in the UK has increased massively over the last 5 to 10 years and does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon. This is in part due to the move away from traditional English bitters to more craft and artisan beers that experiment and challenge our taste buds.

The great part in this expansion is that there now appears to be a beer for everyone and options exist that sit bang in the middle of the Lager – Ale boundary.

The fascinating thing is that although beer has only four primary ingredients, Malt, Hops, Water and Yeast, they can themselves offer up so much diversity in appearance, aromas and flavours when breweries experiment by adding those extras like honey, flowers, fruits and spices.

Why not start exploring on our UK Breweries interactive map below:


If you are not sure what you like then we would recommend a local Beer festival. These festivals provide a great way to explore beers from multiple breweries at once and you often get tasting guides or the brewers themselves explaining about their beers.

Checkout our Brewery and Beer festival event calendar: