How to add a New Brewery

Adding a brewery to Nearest Brewery is easy and depends on if we have a basic entry already.

Step 1: Register an account

The first step is to register on our site and create your profile linking to your website.

Step 2: Check for existing listing

Search for your Brewery by entering the name into our search bar on the home page. If it already exists you need to go to our how to claim a listing page. Else, if a listing does not exist then you will need to click “Add Brewery” in the main menu.

Step 3: Enter listing details

First, you will need to select the package and then follow the details below depending on your selection

Place TitleName of the brewery
Brewery InformationHigh-level description of the brewery
Beer StylesTry and pick from the standard tags and only add something if missing. This enables searching by beer styles.
CategorySelect “Brewery” or “Brewery Taproom” depending on the existence of an onsite taproom or not.
Brewery HoursOpening hours for the public to visit. This could be your shop or taproom.
Address (Country, Region, City, post code)Type your line and autocomplete should help you with the boxes below. Alternatively enter each element separately and then click Set Address on Map. We recommend standardising on region with other listings as you will then show-up on other breweries listings as being local.
ImagesUnlimited number of images with the first image being displayed in the header of the listing page.
PhonePhone number
WebsiteLink to your website including https://
EmailEmail address
FacebookLink to facebook page including https://
InstagramLink to instagram including https://
TwitterLink to twitter account including https://
TripAdvisor Property IDYour property ID that allows us to link to your page
VideoLink to an externally hosted (e.g. Youtube) video
ShopUnlimited text describing your brewery on-site shop
ToursUnlimited text describing details about brewery tours or events you offer
BeersUnlimited text describing your beers
Business owner?Ticking this removes the “Claim Listing” text from the listing.

Step 4: Submit Listing

You will be asked to pay for your subscription. Your request will be validated once payment has been received although we take no money for the 14 day trial period and also offer a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

We validate the first listing to make sure it meets our standards and we will also offer advice based on what seems to work and what doesn’t.

Once live we will push your business out on our social channels and track your own channels for useful items we can share.

Step 5: Updates

You can make unlimited changes to your listing at any point.

General Guidance

We would recommend trying to use different text than on your website as this would mean the page on Nearest Brewery could rank against different search engine searches than your main website. If you use the same text then they will be in competition with each other.