Nearest Brewery

It seems every time I meet up with friends I discover yet another beer from a small microbrewery or we go and visit a pub or taproom at a brewery.

As a person who likes to try different beers, this all seems too much like an accident. Thus, a mission statement was formed:

An easy way to find the Nearest Brewery enabling all Beer Lovers to get closer to Brewers and their great beers, taprooms and events.

Ever put in some searches on the search engines for things like “nearest brewery to me”, “craft beer nearby” or “breweries nearby”?

Try it, and you will get a lot of results which are “best 5 …” “brewery in …” type articles which are often not really relevant or current. But the results do list some breweries and so you need to then visit each website to see if they are indeed local, open, have a shop, taproom or offer tours.

This just seems all too difficult.

We all know that search engines return results based on the authority of websites and the strength of a brand. This creates the need to compete and for breweries to spend money on search engine optimisation or digital marketing.

Many small breweries are run by a few people and to compete on page one of search engine results costs money and time. Microbreweries want to concentrate on what they do best, which is brewing, and they don’t have the time to wait a year for ranking to improve or the money to throw at speeding this up. Thus, going back to my very first statement they all too often rely on word of mouth or pop-up events.

This was the start of the Nearest Brewery, an independent directory to stop the need to spend hours on the search engines to get their view of what our answer should be.


Ian – Founder, designer, coder, data input and of course beer drinker