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It seems everyday we hear of a new artisan or craft brewery hidden on a quiet country lane and often only known to a small number of locals. Here we try to solve the problem of finding these by bringing together a searchable resource of breweries, real ale events, beer festivals and tap rooms/outlets owned by breweries. We strongly believe you should be able to drink some beer that is made close to where you’re drinking it.

The best way to find a nearby brewery & event

With small artisan breweries popping up all over the country we will help you find these hidden ales

Explore using our Interactive Maps

UK Brewery Map

Click on the map to explore our UK brewery map to help you find those breweries & taprooms only known by locals

UK Brewery map

Beer & Brewery Events Map

Click on the map to explore our UK event maps for opportunities to try new beers, for example real ale and food festivals

Browse beer and brewery events map

Want some ideas on where to visit?

We currently have 317 breweries, discover what breweries our visitors are looking at

Upcoming Events

Upcoming real-ale festivals, brewery open days, and launch events

Recent Added Breweries

Here are the last four breweries added to NEAREST BREWERY

Articles & Tips

Browse the latest articles on beer and breweries from our blog.

The Local Craft Beer Scene

In the UK the local craft beer scene is growing at an astonishing rate, with beer festivals and a whole host of taprooms, bars and breweries offering tours now open to the public. Explore our maps or just select a region from our list below

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